HTML <param> value Attribute

❮ HTML <param> tag

Deprecated: HTML5 Not Supported.


<object data="video.mp4">
  <param name="videplay" value="true">


The name attribute contains the parameter’s name.

The name of the parameter depends on the particular object being inserted into the page, and it is assumed that the object knows how to handle the passed data. Do not confuse the name attribute for this element with the name attribute used for <form> elements.

In the latter case, the name attribute does not have a similar meaning to id, but rather specifies the name of the data to be passed to an enclosing <object> element.

Standard Syntax

HTML: <param name="text" value="text">

XHTML: <param name="text" value="text" />

Browser Support


Attribute Values

Value Description
text Specifies the value of the parameter.
❮ HTML <param> tag