HTML <menuitem> Tag

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Deprecated: Not Supported in HTML5.


<menu type="context" id="popup-menu">
  <menuitem type="radio" radiogroup="g1">Radio Button 1</menuitem>
  <menuitem type="radio" radiogroup="g1">Radio Button 2</menuitem>


The <menuitem> element Specifies a command that a user is able to invoke through a popup menu. This includes context menus, as well as menus that might be attached to a menu button.

Standard Syntax


Browser Support



Attribute Value Description
checked checked Specifies whether the command is selected.
command - Specifies the ID of a separate element, specifies a command to be invoked indirectly.
default default Specifies use of the same command as the menu's subject element (such as a button or input).
disabled disabled Specifies that the command is not available in the current state.
icon URL Specifies a url of picture to represent the command.
label text Specifies the name of the command as shown to the user. Required when a command attribute is not present.
radiogroup name Specifies the name of a group of commands to be toggled as radio buttons when selected.
type command
Specifies the kind of command, and can be one of three values.

Global Attributes

<menuitem> element also supports the Global Attributes in HTML.

Event Attributes

<menuitem> element also supports the Event Attributes in HTML.

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