HTML URL Encoding Reference

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URL Encoding

URLs can be transmitted over the Internet only using the ASCII character set. If a URL has characters outside the ASCII set, the URL must be converted.

Non-ASCII characters are replaced with a "%", which is followed by hexadecimal digits.

URLs cannot contain spaces. URL encoding commonly replaces a space with %20, or a plus "+" sign.

ASCII Character URL-encoding Description
NUL %00 null character
SOH %01 start of header
STX %02 start of text
ETX %03 end of text
EOT %04 end of transmission
ENQ %05 enquiry
ACK %06 acknowledge
BEL %07 bell (ring)
BS %08 backspace
HT %09 horizontal tab
LF %0A line feed
VT %0B vertical tab
FF %0C form feed
CR %0D carriage return
SO %0E shift out
SI %0F shift in
DLE %10 data link escape
DC1 %11 device control 1
DC2 %12 device control 2
DC3 %13 device control 3
DC4 %14 device control 4
NAK %15 negative acknowledge
SYN %16 synchronize
ETB %17 end transmission block
CAN %18 cancel
EM %19 end of medium
SUB %1A substitute
ESC %1B escape
FS %1C file separator
GS %1D group separator
RS %1E record separator
US %1F unit separator
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