HTML <applet> (Java Applet) Tag

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Deprecated: HTML5 Not Supported use <video> <audio> <img> <object> <embed> tag.


<applet code="chessgame.class" align="left" archive="" height="250" width="350">
	<param name="difficulty" value="easy">
	<strong>Sorry, you need Java to play this game.</strong>


This element identifies the inclusion of a Java applet. The strict HTML 4.01 definition does not include this element; it has been deprecated in favor of <object>.

Note: Don't use this element

Version: HTML 2, 3.2, 4, 4.01

Standard Syntax

<applet code="url">

Browser Support



Attributes Value Description
align bottom
Specifies position the applet on the page relative to content that might flow around it.
alt text Specifies a descriptive text alternate to be displayed on browsers that do not support Java.
archive URL Specifies a comma-separated list of URLs for archives containing classes and other resources that will be "preloaded".
code URL specifies the URL of the applet's class file to be embedded.
codebase URL Specifies the URL of the directory where applets' .class files referenced by the code attribute are stored.
datafld id Specifies the column name from the data source object that supplies the bound data.
datasrc id Specifies the id of the data source object that supplies the data that is bound to the <param> elements associated with the applet.
height pixels Specifies in the height of applet.
hspace pixels Specifies additional horizontal space, in pixels, to be reserved on either side of the applet.
mayscript script This allows access to an applet by programs in a scripting language embedded in the document.
name text Specifies the name of the applet.
object URL Specifies the URL of a serialized representation of an applet.
src URL Specifies a URL for an associated file for the applet.
vspace pixels Specifies additional vertical space, in pixels, to be reserved above and below the applet.
width pixels Specifies in the width of applet.
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