HTML <multicol> (Multiple Column Text) Tag

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No standards support


<multicol cols="3" gutter="20">
Dummy text


The <multicol> element renders the enclosed content in multiple columns.

This element should not be used; a table is a more standard way to render multiple columns of text across browsers.

CSS properties like column-width and column-count perform the same function when supported.

This element is defined by Netscape-specific

Standard Syntax (Defined by Netscape)


Browser Support

Only supported by Netscape 3, 4, 4.5–4.8


No standards support


Attribute Value Description
cols number Specifies the number of columns in which to display the text.
gutter number Specifies the width between the columns. The default value is 10 pixels.
width pixels Specifies the column width for all columns.
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