HTML Audio/Video DOM readyState Property

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var vid = document.getElementById("myVideo");

function myFunction() {


The readyState property returns the current ready state of the audio/video.

Standard Syntax


Browser Support


Return Value

Type Description
number Returns the ready state of the audio/video element:
  • 0: HAVE_NOTHING - no information whether or not the audio/video is ready.
  • 1: HAVE_METADATA - metadata for the audio/video is ready.
  • 2: HAVE_CURRENT_DATA - data for the current playback position is available, but not enough data to play next frame/millisecond.
  • 3: HAVE_FUTURE_DATA - data for the current and at least the next frame is available
  • 4: HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA - enough data available to start playing.
❮ HTML Audio/Video DOM Reference