Markdown Emojis

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You can add emojis by using this two ways to add emoji to Markdown files:

Copying and Pasting Emojis

It is easiest way to add emojis to markdown editor.

Note: If you're using a static site generator, make sure you encode HTML pages as UTF-8.


❤️ Red Heart

👍 Thumbs Up

✅ Check Mark

🤔 Thinking Face

For more emoji from copying visit Emojipedia.

Type Emoji Shortcodes

There are some Markdown applications allow you to insert emoji by typing emoji shortcodes.

These begin and end with a colon and include the name of an emoji.



But keep in mind that emoji shortcodes vary from application to application.

See you your Markdown application's documentation for more information.


:heart:️ Red Heart

:thumbsup: Thumbs Up

:heavy_check_mark: Heavy Check Mark

:raising_hand:  Raising Hand

  • Using HTML entities
  • If you markdown application support HTML than you can use HTML entities, see all HTML entities list.


    👍 Thumbs Up
    ❤ Red Heart
    ✅ Check Mark Button
    🤔 Thinking Face

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