CSS flex-basis Property

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#example div {
  flex-basis: 50px;

Note: Try to resize browser window:

Hello World!


The flex-basis property sets the initial main size of a flex item. It sets the size of the content box unless otherwise set with box-sizing.

In simple words the flex-basis property sets the flex basis.

It accepts the same values as the width and height property and content.

For all values other than auto and content (defined above), flex-basis is resolved the same way as width in horizontal writing modes, except that if a value would resolve to auto for width, it instead resolves to content for flex-basis.

For example, percentage values of flex-basis are resolved against the flex item’s containing block (i.e. its flex container); and if that containing block’s size is indefinite, the used value for flex-basis is content.

As another corollary, flex-basis determines the size of the content box, unless otherwise specified such as by box-sizing.

Default value:auto
JavaScript syntax:

Standard Syntax

flex-basis: number|auto|initial|inherit|revert|revert-layer|unset;

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.


Property Values

The following table describes the values of this property.

Value Description
number Specifies a length unit, or percentage, specifying the initial length of the flexible item(s).
auto This is default value. The length is equal to the length of the flexible item. If the item has no length specified, the length will be according to its content.
initial Sets this property to its default value.
inherit If specified, the associated element takes the computed value of its parent element animation-delay property.
revert Reverts the cascaded value of the property from its current value to the value the property
revert-layer Rollback styles to the ones specified in previous cascade layers.
unset Resets a property to its inherited value if the property naturally inherits from its parent, and to its initial value if not.

Default CSS Property Values

selectors {
  flex-basis: auto;

More Example


.container {
  display: flex;
  flex-basis: auto;
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