The initial CSS keyword

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The initial CSS keyword applies the initial (or default) value of a property to an element. It can be applied to any CSS property, including the CSS shorthand property all.

With all set to initial, all CSS properties can be restored to their respective initial values in one go instead of restoring each one separately.

On inherited properties, the initial value may be unexpected.

You should consider using the inherit, unset, revert, or revert-layer keywords instead.

Browser Support

The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.



With the initial keyword in this example, color value on the <em> element is restored to the initial value of color, as defined in the specification.


p {
  color: red;

em {
  color: initial;

  <span>This text is red.</span>
  <em>This text is in the initial color (typically black).</em>
  <span>This is red again.</span>


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