CSS PX to EM to REM TO Percentage TO Point Conversion

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Unit Conversion Table

EM Pixel REM Percent Point
8px 0.5em 0.5rem 50% 6pt
9px 0.5625em 0.5625rem 56.25% 6.75pt
10px 0.625em 0.625rem 62.50% 7.5pt
11px 0.6875em 0.6875rem 68.75% 8.25pt
12px 0.75em 0.75rem 75% 9pt
13px 0.8125em 0.8125rem 81.25% 9.75pt
14px 0.875em 0.875rem 87.50% 10.50pt
15px 0.9375em 0.9375rem 93.75% 11.25pt
16px 1em 1rem 100% 12pt
17px 1.0625em 1.0625rem 106.25% 12.75pt
18px 1.125em 1.125rem 112.50% 13.5pt
19px 1.1875em 1.1875rem 118.75% 14.25pt
20px 1.25em 1.25rem 125% 15pt
21px 1.3125em 1.3125rem 131.25% 15.75pt
22px 1.375em 1.375rem 137.50% 16.50pt
23px 1.4375em 1.4375rem 143.75% 17.25pt
24px 1.5em 1.5rem 150% 18pt
25px 1.5625em 1.5625rem 156.25% 18.75pt
26px 1.625em 1.625rem 162.50% 19.5pt
27px 1.6875em 1.6875rem 168.75% 20.25pt
28px 1.75em 1.75rem 175% 21pt
29px 1.8125em 1.8125rem 181.25% 21.75pt
30px 1.875em 1.875rem 187.50% 22.5pt
31px 1.9375em 1.9375rem 193.75% 23.25pt
32px 2em 2rem 200% 24pt
33px 2.0625em 2.0625rem 206.25% 24.75pt
34px 2.125em 2.125rem 212.50% 25.5pt
35px 2.1875em 2.1875rem 218.75% 26.25pt
36px 2.25em 2.25rem 225% 27pt
37px 2.3125em 2.3125rem 231.25% 27.75pt
38px 2.375em 2.375rem 237.50% 28.5pt
39px 2.4375em 2.4375rem 243.75% 29.25pt
40px 2.5em 2.5rem 250% 30pt
41px 2.5625em 2.5625rem 256.25% 30.75pt
42px 2.625em 2.625rem 262.50% 31.5pt
43px 2.6875em 2.6875rem 268.75% 32.25pt
44px 2.75em 2.75rem 275% 33pt
45px 2.8125em 2.8125rem 281.25% 33.75pt
46px 2.875em 2.875rem 287.50% 34.5pt
47px 2.9375em 2.9375rem 293.75% 35.25pt
48px 3em 3rem 300% 36pt

Note: Pixel is a static measurement, while percent and EM are relative measurements.

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