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<form action="action.php">
	<input type="radio" id="html" name="language" value="HTML">
	<label for="html">HTML</label><br>
	<input type="radio" id="css" name="language" value="CSS">
	<label for="css">CSS</label><br>
	<input type="radio" id="javascript" name="language" value="JavaScript">
	<label for="javascript">JavaScript</label><br><br>
	<input type="submit" value="Submit">


The for attribute specifies the id for the form control element the label references and it should be set to the id value(s) of the elements that target <output> element.

The for attribute allows more than one label to be associated with the same control by creating multiple references.

Standard Syntax

<element for="elementId">

Browser Support


Applies to:

The for attribute can be used on the following element:

Element Attribute
<label> for
<output> for

Attribute Values

Value Description
elementId The id of the element associated with <label> element

More Examples


<form oninput="result.value=parseInt(a.value)+parseInt(b.value)">
	<input type="range" id="b" name="b" value="50" /> +
	<input type="number" id="a" name="a" value="10" /> =
	<output name="result" for="a b">50</output>
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